Jennifer's Vision for a Transformed RTD

Affordable Fares

Jennifer understands that a world class public transportation system that the many that need it the most cannot afford to use is just a cruel joke.  She will break down the barriers between people and the work and affordable housing they need.

Lower Taxes

Jennifer is against tax increases to build and expand roads.  Research has shown that this never solves traffic problems.  She believes that a competent effort to increase public transit capacity and use will eliminate traffic congestion without wasteful government spending.

Mobility for All

Jennifer will work to break down barriers that block or discourage mobility challenged community members from using RTD public transit.  She is on the side of seniors and people with disabilities.

Keeping Promises

Jennifer will advocate forcefully for reversing the quarter-century delay in building out the Northwest Rail Line.  Voters in Boulder and Longmont approved the RTD sales tax increase based on a commitment.  RTD needs to keep its promises.

All Doors Boarding

Jennifer will advocate for an all doors boarding, off bus fare payment policy to radically improve bus operating efficiencies and rider comfort.

Public Transportation for All

Jennifer will put the Public back into Public Transportation.  Anyone with a Medicaid card or student ID is eligible for a $20 monthly pass, or a $5 weekly pass.

District N Issues

District N Focused

Jennifer understands the urgent and immediate needs of her District N.  The few bus routes serving the mountain area were recently severely cut. Jennifer will demand reversal of these cuts and dramatically expanded service to mountain areas.

Mountain Friendly

Jennifer understands that the residents of District N live primarily in mountain communities with unique mass transit needs.  Mountain community residents are regularly left waiting in the weather for buses arriving late or not at all when road conditions are less than perfect.

Light Rail Service

District N is geographically the largest district in the RTD system, and yet has not one light rail station.  Existing and planned light rail service lines provide service to every single RTD district except District N.  Jennifer will demand an immediate start to planning for light rail service to Evergreen and Conifer.

Mountain Capable Vehicles

Jennifer will demand RTD deployment of mountain capable transit vehicles.  All wheel drive vehicles with tires suitable for snow and ice will provide safe, reliable all-weather transit service to mountain people living without the benefit of perfectly paved roads.

24 Hour Service

Jennifer understands that effective public transportation works for many different work and play schedules.  She will demand that the W Line operate 24 hours a day, and that a circulator bus run 24 hours a day through Evergreen and Conifer to the W Line.

Fair Return

Jennifer knows that the residents of District N contribute more than $40,000,000 per year in RTD sales tax-based subsidies, but receive very little in return.  This will change on Jennifer's watch.

Solutions to the First Mile-Last Mile Challenge

Bike Friendly RTD

Jennifer will partner with private operators to provide standard and electric bicycles at key transit stations for free overnight use. 

Electric Scooters

Jennifer will partner with electric scooter operators to position fleets of scooters at RTD transit stations for last mile use in urban locations.

Lyft Service

Jennifer will partner with Lyft to provide subsidized first mile and last mile rides in suburban locations and to riders requiring more assistance.

Expanded Call-N-Ride

Jennifer will advocate for expanded Call-n-Ride service and flex route circulators moving people to and from transit stations.

Innovative Solutions

Jennifer never rests and is always searching for innovative new solutions to the first mile and last mile problem.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

eGo CarShare

Jennifer will partner with eGo CarShare to provide subsidized access to shared cars.  She will work with eGo to position pools of vehicles at key transit stations.

Mobility Services

Improved Access

Jennifer thinks that boarding a bus should be simple and easy, no matter a rider's physical challenges.  She will push for improved boarding technologies.

Expanded Access-a-Ride

Jennifer believes that public transportation must serve all of the public.  She will be a tireless advocate for mobility challenged seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Broaden Para-Transit

Jennifer believes that a 3/4 mile service corridor is far too restrictive, and that it does not serve the needs of the community.  She will push for an expansion to 3 miles.

Improved Access-a-Cab

Jennifer will work to increase the Access-a-Cab subsidy for riders that live in the more remote areas of the District.

Platform Level Boarding

Jennifer will demand more platform level boarding options for the mobility challenged.

Engage the Community

 People with disabilities encounter a lot of barriers using mass transit. Jennifer will meet with disabled communities and their advocacy groups to better understand these barriers.