Reproductive Rights are Human Rights

Women's Healthcare Access

Jennifer knows that women encounter many barriers to accessing birth control, and legal abortion services.  She understands that transportation is major barrier to access for many women.  Jennifer is committed to making RTD a vital link connecting women with the healthcare they need.

Women's Healthcare Deserts

Jennifer knows that 87% of Colorado counties have zero women's healthcare facilities, and that many women living in these areas do not have access to transportation to get them to proper facilities.  She believes that this transportation barrier strips these women of their rights.  Jennifer will build innovative solutions breaking down these barriers.

Women's Healthcare Access Ride

Jennifer is forging alliances with non-profit groups working to ensure women have access to birth control and abortion services.  As an RTD Director, she will establish an integrated network of private transportation services moving women to designated RTD Women's Health Access Points.  From there, they will be transported, at no charge, to women's healthcare facilities allied with the program.  

While they are receiving care, they will be transported, at no charge, between non-profit sponsored living quarters and healthcare facilities.  When they are ready to return home, they will be transported back to an RTD Women's Health Care Access Point, and transported home via the private transportation network.

Progressive Values for RTD

Mass Transit That Works for All of Us

Jennifer believes that mass transit must meet the needs of all members of our communities, not just the privileged few.  What good does it do to have public transportation that working families cannot afford to use?  Jennifer believes in needs based fares and free transit for travel to and from school.

Preserving Our Environment

Jennifer believes convenient, affordable mass transit is the best way to preserve the Colorado environment we all treasure.  More RTD riders means fewer cars on the roads, reduced toxic emissions, and improved traffic conditions.

Affordable Health Care

 Jennifer believes that health care is a right, not a privilege. She supports affordable health care benefits for all RTD employees and their families. She also supports needs based access to free transit to and from health care providers.

Womens' Rights

Jennifer believes that we need to empower women and protect their access to equal rights and equal protections.  She will insist that female RTD employees are paid as much as their male counterparts, and that they have the same fair consideration for merit based promotion.

Jennifer also believes that RTD must support a woman's right to choose.  She will demand that needs based free transit to and from health care providers includes reproductive rights services.  Jennifer also supports paid family leave for RTD employees who choose to undertake the challenge of being new parents.

Social Justice

Jennifer believes that equal access to education and employment gives disadvantaged members of our society access to a path out of oppression.  She supports needs based fares and free transit to and from school.

Jennifer will demand that RTD create diversity initiatives that actively promote hiring and advancement of qualified members of traditionally under-represented groups.  Jennifer believes that everyone deserves a fair opportunity to succeed, and a second chance when warranted.  She supports a program for free transit to and from work for paroled felons.


Jennifer believes that people aspire to live in America because of our freedoms and because our system offers opportunities for everyone will to work for what they seek.  She supports the 4th and the 14th amendments.  She believes that in America, all persons have a right to be free from warrantless search and seizure, and she therefore supports  making all RTD facilities and transit vehicles off limits to on duty federal immigration agents.

Support for Unions

Jennifer supports a living wage and a respectful work environment for RTD operators and staff.  She believes that union representation and collective bargaining is essential to ensuring fair treatment of workers.

Marriage Equality

Jennifer believes that marriage is a commitment to someone you love, and that all persons have the right to marry whomever they please in what ever manner they please.  She supports partner benefits for all RTD employees in committed long term relationships, regardless of legal or religious sanction.

Legal Marijuana

Jennifer is proud that Colorado was the first state to implement a practical and effective system for legal marijuana.  She supports studying the potential use of specialized "light up" rail cars carrying passengers to and from marijuana intensive events.  

Public Education

Jennifer believes that an educated Colorado is a civil and productive Colorado.  She supports free transit to and from school, free wi-fi on buses and light rail, and the installation of homework stations on dedicated light rail study cars.  She also supports fully paid in state college tuition for RTD employees and their families.

Gun Safety

Jennifer believes every elected official must work to prevent gun violence.  She will advocate for the prohibition of guns in RTD facilities and on RTD transit vehicles, except by law enforcement officers.

Campaign Finance Reform

Did you know that candidates for RTD Director are permitted under Colorado law to accept unlimited amounts of money from individuals and shadowy special interest groups?  Jennifer believes that we need to get the money out of politics.  She has pledged to accept campaign contributions only from individuals, and only up to the limits set for candidates for the Colorado State Legislature.  She disavows the efforts of any "dark money" interest groups promoting her candidacy or attacking her opponents.

Military Matters

Gold Star Parents

Jennifer is a mother of eight and is in awe of the strength and sacrifice of the parents of our soldiers who gave the last full measure of devotion.  She will advocate for free transit for all Gold Star parents.

Support Our Troops

Jennifer honors our troops and thanks them for their service.  She will advocate for free transit for active duty military in uniform.