Everytown for Gun Safety

Movement to End Gun Violence

Jennifer Hope is an eloquent advocate, inspiring organizers and fiercely determined to defy the NRA and pass common-sense gun safety laws.  She is committed to protecting her family and community from gun violence, and will do what’s best for her constituents - not gun lobbyists.

Andy Kerr

State Senator District 22

Jennifer Hope is the kind of progressive leader that we need at all levels of government.  I am proud to endorse her.

The American Flag

Iconic Symbol of the American Way

Jennifer Hope is the patriot we need on the RTD board.  All true patriots must vote for Jennifer.

Joe Neguse

Candidate for Congressional District 2

Jennifer Hope is a dedicated public servant.  Her years of community activism have prepared her to advocate for the people as an RTD director.

Brianna Titone

Candidate for State House District 27


Jennifer Hope has a clear vision for RTD.  Her thoughtful leadership will position Colorado for the public transportation challenges of today and tomorrow.

Rhonda Fields

State Senator District 29

Jennifer Hope brings fresh ideas and progressive leadership to RTD.  She will work for affordable and equitable access to public transportation.

Jonathan Singer

State Representative District 11

Jennifer is the only candidate in this race that understands that we need to focus on keeping RTD’s promises to the entire District by seeking refreshing new approaches to old problems. She’d be an asset to the District and her constituents.

Kris Teegardin

Former Mayor Edgewater

Jennifer Hope cares about people.  Her progressive values will transform RTD into the 21st century public transport system Colorado deserves.  She is the leader we need now.