The Only Democratic Candidate for RTD District N Director

Putting the Public Back Into Public Transportation

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A New Vision for Rapid Transit

Jennifer believes that it should be easy, convenient, and affordable to use public transportation.  She will promote research to understand how, where, and when people use mass transit, then work to create RTD services to meet those needs.

Mass Transit for the 21st Century

Jennifer believes that we need to think big about mass transit in the 21st century.  She will advocate for the adoption of bold new technologies and processes to make mass transit a force for a high quality of life in Colorado.

Innovative Solutions

Jennifer will create innovative solutions that push aside the barriers that keep mass transit from being an important part of everyday life for everyone living, working, and playing in the District.

Leveraging Technology

Jennifer will promote energetic adoption of new technologies to make mass transit more efficient and a better experience for riders.  

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